The Lie by Hilary Boyd. Published by Penguin

It started with ‘The Lie’

What is a lie? Is any lie okay to keep from your husband or wife. Is it a white lie? Does a lie impact on anyone else?


Highly recommended read

Romy is married to Michael a very successful QC. Everything throughout their marriage is what Michael wants to do. From dinner parties , to mixing with his friends. Until Romy can take no more.

They have gone their separate ways- Michael remaining at the family home in London and Romy relocates to their weekend retreat in Sussex. Romy is enjoying life on her own, she enjoys the quietness of the village rather than the busyness of London.

A very dark cloud lingers over them both a secret that only then know. A few years ago Romy received an anonymous letter from a female who explains that during her time at Michaels laws firm as a work experience pupil aged 16 she was sexual abused by Michael. Romy is both shocked and horrified and goes to confront Michael and his vision of events is very different to the letter.

Romy forgets about the letter until she comes across it many years later.

Michael has now moved on with his life and has a new relationship with a young lady called Annika. But Romy is still unsure whether to look for a relationship- that is until she meets Finn. An ex army , good look , widower. This is a first relationship for them both so take this a little slowly.

This are going so well that a sudden phone call from Romy’s son Leo could change all that?

But this letter looks like it’s going to make an appearance again and effect more than just Michael and Romy?

I truly loved this book. The writing is so fluid and flows so well it kept my interest throughout. You feel that this letter is all done and dusted but as you get deeper and more involved in the book it becomes clear that all he’ll is going to break loose at any moment.

Michael is a character that I really disliked his demeanour is very much he is the victim and doesn’t understand why Romy would want to leave him.

Hilary Boyd has achieved by writing a book that as a reader offers so much yet your still having to try and predict what’s going to happen next and I was unable to – which for me really made the book.

The plot was meaty, chunky and could go either way. Characters were written which such a range that you have mixed feelings for them all.

This book is not available until 9th July 2020. It’s worth the wait. Add it to your wish list right now. Pre order it. You will not regret it.

Highly recommended

The Lie by Hilary Boyd


Published by Penguin

£7.99 paperback lie

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