A Wedding In December

Highly recommended read

A Wedding In December by @sarahmorganwrites published by HQ ❄️❄️
Who would love to say ‘I do’ in December?????

It appears Rosie White does. She plans to say her vows in Aspen on Christmas Eve. Yet her very career driven Dr that is her big sister Katie has other ideas. Scared that she is rushing into too soon. Katie wants to try and stop this wedding from taking place.

As for their Mum Maggie well she was hoping for a nice family Christmas but yet she is hold the weight of the world on her shoulders. Both her and her husband Neil have decided to separate but haven’t yet broke the news to their daughters. With all the family heading to Aspen what could possibly go wrong!!

I need to be honest when I first looked at this book I thought it was going to be a nice, feel good Christmassy read- but I stand corrected. The main attraction is Rosie’ wedding but is has so many other factors also: honesty, trust, forgiveness, self care , self love , self belief & the importance of looking after yourself.

The author has developed great characters within this book. They all complement each other . The plot as a whole and location as perfect.

This book shouldn’t just be saved for the winter months- it should be shared all year round.

Throughly enjoyed this. A wonderful book.

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