Agatha By Anna Cathrine Bomann. Published by Sceptre Books

Short and Beautiful

Here is a beautifully written novella that takes us on a journey of a psychiatrist who is due to retire very soon. He is even starting to count down the days/appointments until his retirement.

But is it really that easy to just shut the door on a career that has spanned over 40 years.

His plans are derailed when a lady called Agatha who has a history of mental illness appears in his office seeking treatment from him. At first he refuses due to his upcoming retirement. However Agatha is very insistent and will not be treated by anyone else. He finally agrees.

As the sessions progress you being to wonder who is actually getting the most from them. Is it Agatha or is it the psychiatrist.

It is a lovely quick easy read. I did enjoy this book beautiful book. The writing style works and equally flows well.

If you fancy a quick Read in between Christmas dinner and the Queens speech here is the answer.

Recommended read.

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