The Followers by Megan Angelo. Published by HQ

Set in 2051 where everyone’s lives are played under the camera spotlight. Marlow and her Mum Floss has been chosen to live their everyday lives on camera in their closed community of Constellation.

Floss loves being in the spotlight yet Marlow cannot stand having her every move scrutinised by a national audience. She wants to escape however she doesn’t appear to be strong enough to do so, that is until she discovers a shattering secret about her birth.

An interesting read yet I felt it was slightly over packed with detail and it got in a bit of a muddle.

There seemed to be lots going on yet it didn’t seem to get anywhere.

2 very different stories going on side by side. But I didn’t feel they worked together,

If you enjoy futuristic reads you will certainly enjoy this book. I felt it was aimed more for a YA reading audience.

Out on 9th January 2020

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