The Followers by Megan Angelo. Published by HQ

Set in 2051 where everyone’s lives are played under the camera spotlight. Marlow and her Mum Floss has been chosen to live their everyday lives on camera in their closed community of Constellation.

Floss loves being in the spotlight yet Marlow cannot stand having her every move scrutinised by a national audience. She wants to escape however she doesn’t appear to be strong enough to do so, that is until she discovers a shattering secret about her birth.

An interesting read yet I felt it was slightly over packed with detail and it got in a bit of a muddle.

There seemed to be lots going on yet it didn’t seem to get anywhere.

2 very different stories going on side by side. But I didn’t feel they worked together,

If you enjoy futuristic reads you will certainly enjoy this book. I felt it was aimed more for a YA reading audience.

Out on 9th January 2020

Three Hours by Rosamund Lupton. Published by Viking Penguin

When I first saw this book on social media I knew that I needed to read it. So when Penguin invited me to read & review it I was really excited.

It’s up there with book of 2020

Once in a while you come across a book that put simply takes your breath away. Here is just that very book.

It’s a brave, raw, explosive read that encapsulates terror, bravery, cowardice

How much damage can happen in 3 hours?? How much carnage can occur? You’d be surprised

2 children who are Syrian refugees are part of the local school in the UK. The headteacher Mathew has been totally supportive and instrumental in both supporting and bring these brothers to the school.

The school is a non conventional that gives children opportunities that previously they may never have had. But can all the children that have attended be helped.

It all starts with something that sounds like a bomb going off in the nearby wood that starts the clock ticking. It suddenly occurs to people that the school is under siege- but by who? What’s the reason behind it?

Such an amazing book that has been written with such thought, detail and pure feeling.

In the current news climate it is a very bold and brave topic to write about but it is a topic that needs to be heard.

I started reading it that I couldn’t put it down. However I have to admit it did cause some disharmony between my husband and I as I was so engrossed in it that I continued to read it through the early hours of the morning . Trust me when I say it was worth it,

Clear your diary and set aside a day or 2 to read this fabulous book. Trust me you will not regret it,

It’s out 6th January 2020.

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A well written book

Olivia Hamilton is a divorce lawyer and a very good one at that. She believes that her personal life is fine until she herself is presented with divorce papers from her soon to be ex husband.

She is advised although she feels it’s forced upon her to take a years sabbatical to re-evaluate her life or in other words sort herself out. During this time it gives her the opportunity to think about her own marriage and where it went wrong. She decides to write about love, life and relationships.

But the question remains will she decide to try and win Nathan back or just accept that her marriage is over??

Here is a book based on love, relationships, finding yourself, neglecting your own needs and the needs of your nearest and dearest.

This is a well rounded book with great characters and writing style is also great.

You have an afternoon free. Pop the kettle on and curl up on the sofa with this book. It’s a great read.

I was kindly gifted my copy by NetGalley & HQ so thank you to you both,

First Review of 2020

All The Water in The World by Karen Raney.

Published by Two Roads. Released 9th Jan 2020.

Maddy is 16 and has cancer. She lives with her Mum Eve and step dad.
Maddy is a very determined young lady and wants to live her life to the full despite her illness. She falls in love with a young lad by the name of Jack. She starts to become curious about her absent father and decides to look for him. When she finds him their relationship slowly starts to grow as father and daughter. All this happens and Eve is yet to find out.
Eve is utterly devoted to Maddy who she loves and adores. However when she discovers that Maddy has been in touch with her father Eve realises that she is going to have to confront her past and could it effect her present and future????
Beautiful, Raw, Bold, upsetting, heartfelt, heartbreaking & brave are just some of the words I use to describe this excellent book.
Here is a book I feel is one to watch for 2020- it’s slowly gliding under the radar.
The story is mainly told by Maddy which some may feel that this book is more aimed at YA audience but to me that does not matter one bit.
Eva also plays a part in the narration.
The writing style is excellent and the plot I found is both strong and well developed.
I would highly recommend this book.
It’s out on 9th January 2020- make a note in your diaries.
Thank you so much Two Roads for gifting me a copy.

My Dozen of 2019

With the end of 2019 I thought that I would share with you my favourite reads for the year. My dozen of 2019 .

There is a bit of a mixture here. A couple of these books are not yet released but I’m here to tell you that both My Dark Vanessa (due March 2020 and Three Hours (due Jan 9th 2020) are both worth the wait.

I had to be really strict on myself as my favourite books come have ended up being never ending. A bit of restraint never hurt anyone did it.

So far I’ve seen many bloggers and bookstagrammers 2019 favourite reads and there are such a variety around which I think is amazing for both the world of books and literature.

What is your book of 2019??

Agatha By Anna Cathrine Bomann. Published by Sceptre Books

Short and Beautiful

Here is a beautifully written novella that takes us on a journey of a psychiatrist who is due to retire very soon. He is even starting to count down the days/appointments until his retirement.

But is it really that easy to just shut the door on a career that has spanned over 40 years.

His plans are derailed when a lady called Agatha who has a history of mental illness appears in his office seeking treatment from him. At first he refuses due to his upcoming retirement. However Agatha is very insistent and will not be treated by anyone else. He finally agrees.

As the sessions progress you being to wonder who is actually getting the most from them. Is it Agatha or is it the psychiatrist.

It is a lovely quick easy read. I did enjoy this book beautiful book. The writing style works and equally flows well.

If you fancy a quick Read in between Christmas dinner and the Queens speech here is the answer.

Recommended read.

A Wedding In December

Highly recommended read

A Wedding In December by @sarahmorganwrites published by HQ ❄️❄️
Who would love to say ‘I do’ in December?????

It appears Rosie White does. She plans to say her vows in Aspen on Christmas Eve. Yet her very career driven Dr that is her big sister Katie has other ideas. Scared that she is rushing into too soon. Katie wants to try and stop this wedding from taking place.

As for their Mum Maggie well she was hoping for a nice family Christmas but yet she is hold the weight of the world on her shoulders. Both her and her husband Neil have decided to separate but haven’t yet broke the news to their daughters. With all the family heading to Aspen what could possibly go wrong!!

I need to be honest when I first looked at this book I thought it was going to be a nice, feel good Christmassy read- but I stand corrected. The main attraction is Rosie’ wedding but is has so many other factors also: honesty, trust, forgiveness, self care , self love , self belief & the importance of looking after yourself.

The author has developed great characters within this book. They all complement each other . The plot as a whole and location as perfect.

This book shouldn’t just be saved for the winter months- it should be shared all year round.

Throughly enjoyed this. A wonderful book.

A Woman is No Man by Etaf Rum.

This is a very raw, heartbreaking, thought provoking read. About love, secrets, culture and family honour. Its split into 2 time lines past and present. Which works so well and it vital to the flow of the book.

A story through the eyes of a young Muslim woman Isra. Who finds herself being forcefully married. How her married life is played out in America- where she is hoping change and more freedom. But finds out that culture and honour is the same in Pakestine or America.

Then there is the present day Deya who is 18 and living in America and knows exactly what she wants and it isn’t having to see suitors or getting married. But her grandmother has different ideas.

I would put this up there as my book of the year. Its written so well and the characters are truly believable.

Highly highly recommended 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Lie by Hilary Boyd. Published by Penguin

It started with ‘The Lie’

What is a lie? Is any lie okay to keep from your husband or wife. Is it a white lie? Does a lie impact on anyone else?


Highly recommended read

Romy is married to Michael a very successful QC. Everything throughout their marriage is what Michael wants to do. From dinner parties , to mixing with his friends. Until Romy can take no more.

They have gone their separate ways- Michael remaining at the family home in London and Romy relocates to their weekend retreat in Sussex. Romy is enjoying life on her own, she enjoys the quietness of the village rather than the busyness of London.

A very dark cloud lingers over them both a secret that only then know. A few years ago Romy received an anonymous letter from a female who explains that during her time at Michaels laws firm as a work experience pupil aged 16 she was sexual abused by Michael. Romy is both shocked and horrified and goes to confront Michael and his vision of events is very different to the letter.

Romy forgets about the letter until she comes across it many years later.

Michael has now moved on with his life and has a new relationship with a young lady called Annika. But Romy is still unsure whether to look for a relationship- that is until she meets Finn. An ex army , good look , widower. This is a first relationship for them both so take this a little slowly.

This are going so well that a sudden phone call from Romy’s son Leo could change all that?

But this letter looks like it’s going to make an appearance again and effect more than just Michael and Romy?

I truly loved this book. The writing is so fluid and flows so well it kept my interest throughout. You feel that this letter is all done and dusted but as you get deeper and more involved in the book it becomes clear that all he’ll is going to break loose at any moment.

Michael is a character that I really disliked his demeanour is very much he is the victim and doesn’t understand why Romy would want to leave him.

Hilary Boyd has achieved by writing a book that as a reader offers so much yet your still having to try and predict what’s going to happen next and I was unable to – which for me really made the book.

The plot was meaty, chunky and could go either way. Characters were written which such a range that you have mixed feelings for them all.

This book is not available until 9th July 2020. It’s worth the wait. Add it to your wish list right now. Pre order it. You will not regret it.

Highly recommended

The Lie by Hilary Boyd


Published by Penguin

£7.99 paperback lie

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Great Read


Dark Hollows by Steve Frech – Published by @hqstories 🌒
Jacob Reese enjoys living in the Hallows- it’s quiet and peaceful. He runs a local coffee shop and also rents out a cottage that he owns.
A guest arrives and little does he know that her arrival is going to turn his peaceful life upside down.
The guest looks exactly like his deceased ex-girlfriend Laura. Poor Jacob can not understand what is going on and his mind just cannot cope with any of this.
He knows Laura is dead as he was with her when she died. Yet there is a secret between them that one else knew and he thought had died with her- but this new guest seems to know something and Jacob is puzzled as to how and why is she here.
The writing style is excellent and the author keeps the reader on their toes- taking them one direction then another. 🌒

Great Read
Thank you to both netgalley & hqstories for gifting me this book.
Available now: